Don’t get Pinched, Get Magna Lens today…..Pinch free, pain free magnetically attached Eye Ear Safety System!

Magna Lens Eye/Ear Safety System Kit

Basic kit includes: Earmuffs, one magnetic eyewear assembly (you choose lens color), eyewear pouch and lanyard. Choose optional spare lenses as desired!
Select Lens (1 lens, with hardware, included – select additional replacement lenses, without hardware, for $20/each)

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There are few REAL breakthroughs in products that people have been struggling with for years… THIS product is a real breakthrough. For those of us who rely on hearing AND eye protection there is always the problem that when eye protection “arms” are on they have to go UNDER the muffs… this BREAKS the sound seal and reduces whatever the stated Db protection rating is… Magnetically attaching to the outside of the muff allows the SEAL to remain unbroken and hence increases the value and protection of the muff… now most of us also “double-up” on hearing protection with ear plugs, but even with that, if the arms of the eye protection are forcing the muff away from our heads we are NOT getting the hearing protection that we think we are…. Don’t loose your hearing… Magna Lens is a must.


Excellent quality, extremely versatile eye/ear protection. Magna Lens eliminated the discomfort of eyeglass frame pressure points at the area where the ear pillow would normally press the eyeglass frame against your temple. No need to cheat safety for comfort, this setup provides all day shooting protection, and you can tune the lenses for lighting conditions. Highly recommended for a day at the range.

Parrish, FL

Got them today and tried them on….WOW!! What an INGENIOUS piece of safety equipment…can’t wait to show them to me friends..